Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Jaimee's DIY Corner

Hi all! It has been a while, I know. The holiday season has had all of us busy, and I had some problems getting the correct size screws for my gorgeous new handles. I also had some trouble getting those pesky All Blacks stickers off. A man would suggest you go and buy some Meths to dissolve the glue, but we don't have any of that lying around at little house, so I used my female ingenuity and used nail polish remover. Worked like a charm. So, all is coming along now. 
Bridget kindly got a bit of a candid shot of me drilling holes in my drawers, and now the painting begins! (My room is currently an assortment of piles of things, since it has been so windy, I can't let my drawers dry outside!)
Thanks to my friend Izzy who works at Resene, I managed to get some free test pots! I just chose a basic warm peachey cream colour called Solitaire to go with the brassy handles. 
Can't wait till they're finished!

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