Monday, 2 April 2012

Rachel's Birthday!

Horrendously overdue post!

Our Dear Little Friend Rachel turned the big 2-0 recently and we had a birthday party for her!

There were decorations and lots of delicious foods, we made all of her favourites.
The kind of cheese that she likes, her favourite Neenish Tarts, and above all, a birthday cake.

Bridget and I bought Rachel a hat, her very favourite I Love Ugly hat she wanted so much!

Amongst the guests were Rachel's flatmates and good chums, and a lovely girl also named Rachel! She and I bonded over books, she adored our Reading Room!

Honestly, who wouldn't adore it in all its cuteness!

Finally we have a flat photo of us all together! Me, Jaimee, Bridget and Lauren!

I'm glad Rachel got borned. It was lovely celebrating her in our Little House.

Leah x

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